2001 IEEE Aerospace Conference Proceedings, 2001, Vol.1, 331-338

Designing a Water-Quality Monitor With Ion Selective Electrodes

Martin G. Buehler1, Samuel P. Kounaves2, Dennis P. Martin3, Steve J. West4, and Gregory M. Kuhlman1

1. Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2. Department of Chemistry. Tufts University
3. Halcyon Microelectronics, Inc.
4. Thermo Orion, Inc.


This effort is directed at developing a sensor for evaluating water quality onboard the International Space Station. A set of nine ion selective electrodes (ISEs) are being fabricated on a 4.5-cm diameter ceramic substrate. This paper discusses the design and fabrication of the deposition chamber and the ceramic substrates that form the basis for the ISEs. The chamber, substrate and electronics design was validated to assure that the multiplexing electronics functions, the ceramic substrate mounted is stress-free, and the deposition chamber is water tight. Results from the electrolysis of a dilute nitric acid solution are presented to further validate the design concept.